Q: How do I join the Bosveld Boergoat club?

A:  You can go to Contact Us page and fill in the contact form and we will send all the detail to you. You can also contact any of the club management members specified on the page, specifically the club secretary and they will provide you with all the information needed. Alternatively you can download the application form, from our Downloads page under Info header and email it to us.


Q: How much is the membership fee?

A:  Membership fee is currently R1200 per year, but will be reviewed again next year on the general yearly club meeting which any member can join. We encourage all members to join us for this meeting.


Q: What do I get for my membership fee?

A: When you become a member of the club you have all the benefits of the Bosveld Boerbgoat club and also have access to club resources.


Q: Can I receive a newsletter even if I am not a member of the club?

A: Yes, Even if you are not a member of the club, you can still receive information and news letters by subscribing to the mailing list.


Q: What is the criteria to be classified as a stud breeder?

A:  You have to have 25 stud ewes and 1 acceptable breeding ram to be able to register as a stud breeder. More information can be found on the SA Breeders Association’s web site.


Q: How do I get my goats classified as stud?

A: You can participate in a show where the show judges will rate your goat to be classified or you can get in contact with the SA Breeders association to send somebody to your farm to rate your goats at your place. For more information please go to the Breeders associations’ website.


Q: Where do I need to apply to register as a stud?

A:  You need to register with both SA Breeders Association and Studbook to get a stud number and also to keep track of your stud tree. Please follow the links to go to these organization’s websites for more information


Q: Is the tattooing of animals necessary?

A:  Yes, According to the South African law on animal theft, all small stalk (Sheep, Goats, etc.) have to be tattooed for identification. By doing this we all take part in animal theft prevention to help the authorities to find the rightful owner of stolen animals. More info can be found on the department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries website or telephonically at Tel.: (012) 319-7449 / 319-7433 / 319-7611 / 319-7431/0745839537/0815825133.


Q: Where can I buy or sell my goats?

A: The Bosveld Boergoat club holds club auctions every year where any member of the club can sell their goats. Other than club auctions you can sell your goats to anyone or at any auction.


Q: Can I sell my goats on a stud auction if I am not registered as a stud breeder?

A: No, only stud breeders can sell at a stud auctions but you may participate in all shows even if you are not registered as a stud breeder.


Q: Who can I contact for information regarding the club?

A: You can contact the club secretary or any of the club management members on the contact us page